Aldana Fernandez Photography

Diana XV

“To my beautiful daughter
On this very special day,
I've a few things on my mind
That I'd really like to say.

A father cherishes a daughter
And protects her with his life,
But he knows someday she'll grow up,
And it cuts his heart like a knife.

And though part of him longs to keep her,
As an innocent child all his own,
He understands the day will come,
When she will be full grown.

And as I look at you today
My very own daughter dear,
Dressed in your quinceañera gown,
I realize the time is here.

I want you to know I'm so very proud
Of the young woman you've become.
I've cherished these first 15 years,
Each and every one.

And I look forward to the future,
Imagining the great things you'll do.
And as sure as the sun will always rise,
You know I will always love you.


Ninel XV

This doll represents your childhood,
It's the last doll we'll give to you.
Because today you are a woman,
And your childish days are through.

Keep this doll in a place of honor,
Where she'll always look festive and gay,
So that every time you look upon her
You'll remember your quinceañera day.


Kiana XV

Waltz with me at my quinceañera,
Twirl with me around the dance floor.
Look at me with fresh eyes because,
I'm different than the girl you knew before.

My outlook on life is changed now,
And it's time for me to take my place,
With the women of my family,
As childhood steps back a pace.

So waltz with me around the dance floor,
Until I'm dizzy and heady with glee.
I'm transforming before your very eyes,
And you're looking at the brand new me.


Bella XV

“ Quinceañera is the time for a girl to leave childhood behind and become the woman her world needs.”


Elizabeth XV

“ Numbers 6:24 (NIV)

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you


Yoshi XV

“ A quinceañera fills a parent's heart with overwhelming pride and just a tinge of wistful longing for days gone by.”

“Los padres de una quinceañera pueden sentir como el orgullo desborda sus corazones, y como el anhelo por la infancia transcurrida aún permanece.”