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Aldana Fernandez - Entrepreneur by day and crime fighter by night. I've devoted my life to fighting crime. Gifted martial artist, philanthropist and owner of Wayne Enterprise....

Just kidding!! Im not any of those things. But I do love batman and my gadgets. And although mine aren't for crimefighting ,we're not entirely different. We both have had lifelong passions and we drive the batmobile.....
Again Kidding ( I drive a little blue Prius.) 

More seriously, I started photography when I was six years old and I was given a disposable point and shoot. Just like Bruce Wayne, from a young age, I have always had a drive and desire. I spent my younger life studying under great teachers and mentors who have taught me the most important things about being a photographer.

For me every person I meet, will become part of my story, my family. I love capturing those magical moments, the tears of joy, and the laughs of love.   



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Phone Number: 510-932-7008

Email: aldanafernandezphotography@gmail.com


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