Diana XV

“To my beautiful daughter
On this very special day,
I've a few things on my mind
That I'd really like to say.

A father cherishes a daughter
And protects her with his life,
But he knows someday she'll grow up,
And it cuts his heart like a knife.

And though part of him longs to keep her,
As an innocent child all his own,
He understands the day will come,
When she will be full grown.

And as I look at you today
My very own daughter dear,
Dressed in your quinceañera gown,
I realize the time is here.

I want you to know I'm so very proud
Of the young woman you've become.
I've cherished these first 15 years,
Each and every one.

And I look forward to the future,
Imagining the great things you'll do.
And as sure as the sun will always rise,
You know I will always love you.