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Aldana Fernandez

Here is a place where I tell you about myself:

People always ask me why I love photography? My response “I have always loved photography, since I was a young kid I would run around the parks admiring the lighting and following my aunt who always had her camera. Also it is the one way I can see the history of myself and my family. I can re-visit memories with my dad, or see my mom being a crazy teenager. Be there the day my grandmother got married in Cuba and follow her to Puerto Rico then to California. Meet people who I have heard countless stories of. Also see the love and joy a photograph can bring everyone.”

And this is why I love being able to photograph. I love working with people and capturing each unique smile and style. Capturing the glares of an inside joke, or the look of “ Oh no you didn’t”. With each photograph I take I am the advocate for it, I make it the best photograph, I capture all the moments around it. With each click on the camera I am capturing a moment you will never forget, a moment you will be able to look back on and laugh, cry and enjoy.

- Thank you for letting me capture these moments for you.