About me

Aldana Fernandez

Aldana Fernandez is not your typical photographer, she has over 12 years of shooting. Ever since she was a young girl she always had a camera in her hand. It started with a passion of how light moves so smoothy through everyday life, to how light works. Aldana always had a disposable camera with her, till she got her first DSLR, from there she went on to study photography. Aldana turned her passion into a lifestyle, everywhere she went she always has her camera with her. From shooting family, friends to local events you could always find Aldana and her camera.

Since finishing school, Aldana has taken her skills and used them to capturing amazing moments for others, and she will capture your moments as well. From weddings, Quinceañeras, graduation to family portraits she does it all. There is no distance Aldana doesn’t go to get the perfect shot, following the light and her camera Aldana has an eye for magical non-forgettable moments.

Aldana is a California native, born and raised by her grandmother and family.